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Let Our Tow Truck Drivers Carefully Recover Your Vehicle From Off The Road.  Fast Winching While Minimizing Any Damage From the Recovery Process

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Did an Ottawa snowstorm put you in the ditch? Get connected to local towing companies with help from

24/7 Towing & winching in Ottawa & Gatineau

If our towing operator doesn’t have access to your vehicle because you ended up in a ditch, off the road, or in the mud, then we will use a tool called a winch.  

Tow truck drivers wrap a steel cable around the chassis of your vehicle and with a hydraulic motor pulls your vehicle to an area where we can hook it up to the tow truck. In some cases drivers only need assistance getting their vehicle “unstuck” and there is no need for a tow.

After winching services have been delivered our professional tow truck drivers inspect your vehicle and give you advice on whether or not you should drive it, but it can always be towed after the recovery is completed.  

We connect Ottawa drivers with the best towing companies! Give us a call to connect with local towing providers near your location.

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We work with full service towing companies licensed in Ottawa.  Our towing providers use the latest GPS technology to provide drivers with accurate call out times. Thanks for technology, tow truck drivers can easily pinpoint your location.  Get connected with our towing partners and get a free estimate on the phone.

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If this is not an emergency then you can submit a form and we will contact you and answer any questions you may have about scrap metal prices, vehicle transportation or other assistance you require.

    In a ditch?

    Ottawa get’s some pretty bad snowstorms and freezing rain throughout the season.  We always recommend staying off the roads in these conditions. We also understand that not everyone has the luxury of taking a day off work because of weather.  If you get into any trouble at all on your route give us a call, we are here to help.

    If you are in Ottawa or Gatineau area and need winching services then call to be connected with a licensed local towing company.

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