Accident Reporting in Ottawa

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In an Accident, What to Do?

If anyone is injured, call 911.

If nobody is hurt then call the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222

Depending on the situation and severity of the accident the operator will advice you on how to proceed.

Towing Ottawa R7C Collision Form PDF (Download Link)

There are 3 collision reporting centres in Ottawa:

  • 211 Huntmar Drive (Kanata)
  • 474 Elgin Street (Downtown)
  • 3343 St Joseph Blvd. (Orleans)

Documents Required for Ottawa Collision Reporting:

  • Report Number
  • Insurance
  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Involved in Crash
  • Completed PDF R7C Collision Reporting Form

Before Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Ottawa:

  • Get the other drivers contact information:
  • Drivers license (number, class, name)
  • Ownership of vehicle (license plate, make, model, year, owner’s name)
  • Policy number of insurance

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    Were you in a wreck?

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