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What happens when you need a tow in a parking garage? Where big trucks can’t get into…  Call Towing Ottawa! 613-317-3924

Our towing vendors have specialty tow trucks which specializes at squeezing into the tightest spaces.  A tow truck so unique that they don’t even make it anymore.  A tow truck that if you saw on the road you would laugh but it is a tow truck we just can’t get rid of.  

When drivers need towing in low clearance areas:

  • Parking Garage Towing
  • Shopping Mall Towing
  • Service Entry Towing
  • Bridge Towing
  • Tunnel Towing
  • Offices buildings
  • Apartment Building Towing

If you are a property manager, live in an apartment, have restricted access, or are just in a tight situation no other tow truck can fit then give us a call.

Stuck In a Parking Garage with Low Clearance, our service providers have the truck that can get in, so you can get out!

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Towing OTtawa goes where other companies can't

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We work with full service towing companies licensed in Ottawa.  Our towing providers use the latest GPS technology to provide drivers with accurate call out times. Thanks for technology, tow truck drivers can easily pinpoint your location.  Get connected with our towing partners and get a free estimate on the phone.


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If you are on this page then you might be a property manager or security officer looking to tow a vehicle from a tight spot.  If it isn’t an emergency then feel free to email us using this form.  If you require faster service then give us a call 613-317-3924

    Our Towing Vendors Have a Vintage Tow Truck That Has Access to Low Clearance Areas

    If you live in an apartment or manage a property with low clearance parking then you might need our low clearance towing services.

    (613) 317-3924