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Locked your keys in the car?

Our towing partners can get them out in no time, give us a call for help.

Our fathers have done, we have done it and our kids will do it.  Locking your keys in your car is one of those milestones everyone must do once in their life.  Is today your day? Get connected with local towing companies who will give you an accurate time at which we arrive, and quickly retrieve your keys for you. Expect professional tools to safely unlock any make of model of vehicle. 

Door unlocking service with no damage to your vehicle

Don’t worry, this is the kind of thing you only do once in your life.  Give us a call to get you back on the road and we’ll give you a funny story to tell your friends.

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We work with full service towing companies licensed in Ottawa.  Our towing providers use the latest GPS technology to provide drivers with accurate call out times. Thanks for technology, tow truck drivers can easily pinpoint your location.  Get connected with our towing partners and get a free estimate on the phone.


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If this is not an emergency then you can submit a form and we will contact you and answer any questions you may have about scrap metal prices, vehicle transportation or other assistance you require.

    Locked Out Of Your Car?

    Ottawa’s cold weather and snowstorms can leave keys brittle and locks iced over.  Sometimes customers can’t get their keys in the lock and other times their keys break off inside the lock.  If you are locked out of your car due to cold and icy conditions then we can help you gain access to your vehicle where it is dry and warm!  Call to speak with a tow truck driver near your location.  Get accurate arrival times and ask the price so there are no surprises. 

    If you are in Ottawa or Gatineau area and need help unlocking your vehicle call to be connected with a licensed local towing company.

    (613) 317-3924