Help! My Car Broke Down At Night

Have you suffered a car break down? Was it during the day or at night? There’s no good time to suffer a breakdown but it is the last thing you want to go through when driving at night.

The following tips will help you deal with a broken-down car at night.

Immediately Call a 24-Hour Towing Service

What to do if your car breaks down at night in Ottawa
Your car broke at night in Ottawa?

A big number of towing services provide 24-hour services to help out if a situation like this happens outside of regular daytime hours. The towing company will respond immediately and come to your aid and get you and your car to a safe location. 

Some towing companies provide roadside services that help diagnose the problem and address it appropriately. You may require a change of tire or some gas and you are back on the road. In such cases, you will not end up towing your car. 

Switch on Your Hazard Lights

Immediately you have gotten the car off the road, switch on your hazard lights to warn other road users. It is often difficult to see at night and other motorists may not see a car parked on the side of the road. Getting hit by another vehicle may endanger your life and cause more damage to the car. Alternatively, use flares to warn other road users. Flares are available in the car’s emergency kit. 

Inform Someone about Your Location

Ensure you let someone know where you are as you wait for the towing services to arrive. If you are alone in the car, call a friend or family member to come over and give you company. 

When in a dangerous area or very far away from home, do not hesitate to call the police and provide your location for assistance. 

Stay In Your Car and Keep Scanning the Surroundings

Towing Ottawa recommends that it is safer to stay in the car unless it is a minor problem that you can fix. For example, you can leave the car to change a flat tire and get back on the road. Otherwise, you are safe by remaining in the car and locking the doors. Ensure that you are scanning the immediate surroundings to identify any dangers. Have your phone at hand to call for help if anything happens. 

Follow the above tips to keep safe if your car breaks down at night as you wait for towing services to arrive.