Ottawa Police Have More Power Enforcing Impaired Driving Laws

Bill C46 means Ottawa drivers can’t refuse roadside sobriety test.

With all the hubbub about cannabis legalization people from Ottawa have concerns that the rate of impaired driving will increase.  The Canadian government is enacted new legislation that gives Ottawa Carleton Police greater powers when testing drivers for alcohol and drug use.

What does bill C46 do exactly?

Any Traffic Stop Can Result in Sobriety Test
Using drug testing equipment Ottawa police determine if a driver is on drugs.  The bill creates new offences for driving under the influence with varying degrees of intoxication.  The maximum penalty for a first time offender has been raised from 5 to 10 years in prison.

No Reasonable Suspicion Needed
Under the previous iteration of the law police needed reasonable suspicion (erratic driving, smell, empty bottles, slurred speech, etc.) to lawfully perform a field sobriety test, but not anymore.  As long as you were pulled over lawfully an impairment can be performed without any reason.

Not Consenting is a Crime
Failure to comply with the test is a crime in Ottawa.  The new law also means that drivers cannot get behind the wheel within 2 hours of being over the limit, which complicates things further.  

Not Worth The Risk
The point of this article is never drink and drive. Don’t smoke and drive.  It’s dangerous, the punishments are extreme and with these new laws police will catch you.  

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The penalties are severe. Don’t drive impaired.
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