If anyone is injured or hurt then call 911 immediately.

If there are no injuries then your first step should be to call 613-236-1222.  The operator will ask you questions and tell you exactly how to proceed.

Obtaining the Correct Information:

  • Driver’s Information: Phone Number, Name, eMail
  • Driver’s License: Number, class, and name
  • Vehicle Ownership: License Plate, make, model, year, owner’s name
  • Insurance: Policy number of insured

Where to Report an Accident:

  • 211 Huntmar Drive (Kanata)
  • 474 Elgin Street (Downtown)
  • 3343 St Joseph Blvd (Orleans)

What to Bring to the Station:

If your vehicle is safe to drive then you can drive it.  If you are unsure then its probably safer to call a towing service.  At Towing Ottawa we have some of the best customer service in Ottawa.  Call Towing Ottawa to speak with a local towing company who can help get you through this day.

Towing Ottawa