Car accidents are a very traumatizing experience.  They can leave a person injured both physically and financially. Fly-by-night tow truck operators aren’t always looking for your best interests when providing advice about how to handle your tow.

Ottawa Tow Truck Scams

Recent Ottawa by-laws have tried to prevent dishonest towing companies from approaching the scene of a crash but with limited police resources there is still many opportunities for these guys to operate.  The tow truck operator will wait on the side of the highway listening to police scanners and pounce on the opportunity to exploit you at your worst moment.

How it Works

Often times tow truck drivers are often high cash incentives by auto shops and storage yards to take your vehicle to their business.  The driver’s who participate in this extortion will use cunning techniques and quite often lie to reassure you that they can be trusted.  

Once the auto shop or storage yard has possession of your vehicle you are pretty much at their mercy to pay their extortionate fees to get your car back.  There’s a lot of many to be stolen and despite legislative efforts it is still happening today.

How to Avoid a Tow Truck Scam in Ottawa

Know your rights:

Unless you called the tow truck then you have no obligation to use a tow truck who appears to “help” you.  

Call your insurance company.  As a result of all the scams the insurance companies now have fixed rates they pay and because of the size of their industry these scammers have no power over your insurance company.  You insurance company is their to help you in this time so always call your broker and ask for recommendations and advice.

If you car is safe to drive then just deliver it to the repair shop of your choosing.

Don’t give into pressure and hard sales tactics.  If something doesn’t feel right then just say no!

Is the Company Credible?

Check online for a website and the reviews!  A reputable towing company is going to have a professional and informative website.  A professional website costs money to produce which means this company is investing back into their company and plan to be around for a long time.  Too many independent drivers throw up a quick and dirty website to appear legit but most consumers can sniff these frauds out.

Towing Ottawa Is Professional

Towing Ottawa prides itself on giving amazing service.  We offer fair prices and affordable rates because we believe these are ways to grow a business.  We also own our own parking lot which means you and your insurance isn’t going to get extorted when you go to pick up your vehicle.  

Don’t be a victim!  If any part of the transaction feels fishy then just say no!  Don’t feel guilty or rude or shy. Its your car and you are the client, demand the best.   Call a professional and full time tow truck and local Ottawa business owner today.

If you Need, Call Towing Ottawa 613-317-3924.